Broker Registration & Cooperation Form

Broker Participation Terms

  1. This form must be completed, in its entirety, returned and acepted by the Auction Team by 5 PM the business day before the auction start time. Verbal or incomplete registrations will not be recognized.
  2. Registration of the Buyer is for the auction event.
  3. Per Kansas law, compensation can only be offered to a Broker currently licensed in the state of Kansas.
  4. The below listed Salesperson: (a) must be present at the auction; (b) have personally shown the property(s) to the prospect listed below; (c) if the prospect is the winning bidder, must assist and advise the prospect with the execution of the sales contract.
  5. On the day of the auction, prospect must register and sign the terms and conditions to receive a bidder number.
  6. Cooperating Broker is being offered a commission based on the top bid price. Commission will be listed on the ALTA/Closing settlement statement and will be paid only upon successful closing.